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Friends, you belong in leadership. Today, I bring you a thought-provoking conversation with my friend and guest, Meredith King. In this new episode of the She Impacts Culture podcast, Meredith and I discuss the concept of leadership and the importance of embracing our sphere of influence while dispelling common misconceptions about leadership and the role of fear in holding us back.

We specifically chat through:

  • Belonging in Leadership: What leadership truly means without the fancy job titles. It’s about our everyday actions and how we influence others.
  • Fear as a Signpost: Fear is not a roadblock but a signal guiding us toward opportunities we might miss. It’s about stepping up when we feel hesitant.
  • Balancing Act: Balancing work, family, and everything else can be challenging. We’ll share practical tips to find that balance without feeling stretched too thin.
  • The Power of Priorities: How aligning your priorities with God’s intentions can bring freedom. We discuss recognizing your current season, clarifying your priorities, and learning to say no when necessary.

Friends, leadership isn’t just for the select few; it’s within reach for each of us in our daily lives. Fear doesn’t have to hold us back; it can catalyze growth and courage as we move forward in faith and the work that God has called us to. Today, may you know that you belong in leadership.

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Meredith King is a nonprofit & leadership strategist, Bible teacher, and author. Catalyzing Kingdom-builders for greater impact is the driving passion behind her entrepreneurial and professional pursuits. As the Founder & Vision Ambassador of True To Life Ministries, Meredith has developed high-impact programming and strategies for at-risk populations that have impacted thousands of lives. In her role as a Strategic Advisor for Integrus Leadership, she helps coach, equip, and encourage ministry leaders from across the U.S. She has been married 17 years to her high school sweetheart, David, and they have two energetic daughters, Abigail, and Ella. Meredith joyfully survives on coffee and queso.

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