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Are you feeling stuck in your current situation, longing for a change of scenery or a new job to bring more fulfillment to your life? Many of us have fallen into the trap of believing that our happiness is tied to our external circumstances, but what if there was a way to Thrive Where You’re Planted, regardless of where that may be?

Friends, in this episode, I specifically share the following:

  • How to find joy and fulfillment in the place where you are without needing to make significant changes.
  • Practical tips for finding community and purpose right now.
  • Insights into seeking God’s guidance in discovering who you are becoming and how you can grow and develop in this season of life.
  • The significance of seeking the welfare of the city where you live, even in difficult circumstances.
  • Inspiration to make a positive impact in your community.

Friends, remember your happiness and fulfillment are not tied to your external circumstances. You can find joy and purpose right where you are by taking intentional steps to connect with your community, seek out new experiences, and make a positive impact. And by seeking God’s guidance, you can discover who you are becoming and how you can grow and develop in your current circumstances. Go out there and make the most of where you are planted – good things can come from unexpected places!

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Dr. Jen Bennett is a driven visionary communicator who has a unique way of connecting with her audience. She enjoys teaching, leading, and building and is committed to helping others be successful. As the Hodson Endowed Faculty of Entrepreneurship at Indiana Wesleyan University, Jen equips college students to “seek the welfare of the city” through their entrepreneurial ventures and to lead with influence to impact culture for Christ.

Jen has consulted various entrepreneurs, small business owners, ministries, organizations, and college students in social media, personal branding, marketing, and public relations. She is the author of the book #BeWorthFollowing: How to be Different and Influence People in a Crowded Social World and host of the She Impacts Culture podcast, a podcast for trailblazing, faith-based women who want to lead with influence and impact culture for Christ.


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