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I have one question for you today: Do you consider yourself an influencer? Maybe an Unexpected Influencer?

This is a question I ask my college students every semester. The response? About 95% of them say no. Why? Because they tend to believe that being an influencer is all about being known, like a celebrity. It’s about the people that know you and follow you. In our world, we lean towards influence being the stages we are speaking on, the books we are writing, and the people following us, both online and offline.

But today, I want to share the story of an unexpected influencer. An influencer that Jesus used to transform the lives of a village. And influencer that no one expected to be used by God.

In today’s episode, I specifically chat through:

💥 How God has strategically placed you in your city, community, neighborhood, and work
💥 How impacting culture in 2023 begins with being curious
💥 How curiosity leads to influence and influence leads to leadership
💥 The woman at the well and her unexpected influence

Friends, my prayer is that in 2023, God will clearly show you your influence and who he has called you to specifically engage with. You are not where you are by accident. God has placed you in your city, community, neighborhood, and work for such a time as this. How exciting is that?

I believe God wants to do some incredible work in your life this year, and Friends, I’m thrilled to travel alongside you on this adventure!

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