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The Giants Holding You Back!

Friends, today’s episode with Jennifer Hand is pure fire! We are not shying away from the topics that need to be discussed, specifically when it comes to saying YES to all God has for us! Why? Because “Jenn wants you to be able to say to God, ‘My yes is on the table.’ Not halfheartedly. Not half the time. Not halfway there. Jenn wants you to go all in with God—because God is all in for you.”

In today’s episode, Jenn and I specifically chat through:

💥 The top 3 “giants” that are holding us back from saying yes
💥 Comparison culture and how it keeps us from saying yes to God
💥 How our expectations keep us from fulfilling all that God has for us
💥 What a surrendered life looks like and how to do it scared

This episode is a reminder that God wants to partner with us in some unique ways, but we have to be willing to say yes, even when it doesn’t make sense, when it’s scary, and when it doesn’t line up with what we thought our life would look like. As Jenn says, “if you’re not in God’s best place, you’re missing out on something great. The Lord is calling you into a Promised Land. But it’s going to take some faith steps to get there.”

I pray this episode gives you the courage to take those faith steps this year!

Connect with Jenn:
My YES Is On The Table Book:

Jenn Hand, Executive Director of Coming Alive Ministries, founded the ministry in 2012 and loves the honor of traveling nationally and internationally, inviting people to come alive in Christ through conferences, retreats, written resources, and counseling. She has had the joy of serving in over thirty countries. With a Master’s degree in trauma counseling, God has opened a unique door for her to respond after natural disasters around the world, providing trauma counseling and the hope of Christ on the holy ground of suffering. She would love to keep up with you in her cozy internet corner of the world at or on social media @comingalivejenn or Jenn@comingaliveministries on Facebook.

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