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Friends, I’m beyond thrilled to introduce you to the one and only Pam Green, also known as, “The Flower Cart Lady.” If you follow me on social media, you know my love for The Flower Cart Lady! Since I moved to Indiana in 2020, I have loved supporting and getting to know her business. And today, I’m grateful that I can call her a friend!

You are in for a treat today! In this episode, Pam and I chat through:

💥 The topic of “different work in different seasons”
💥 How to step out in faith and pursue a new career, new work
💥 How to respond when you don’t see the fruit of your work, your labor
💥 How to unite your faith and work

Friends, this is a power-packed episode! If you have veered into lanes that are not the lanes God has called you to, listen in! Pam will encourage you to not only stay in your lane but also to lean into God fully! Why? Because this world needs you to be who God created you to be!

Connect with Pam:


Pam is the co-owner of The Flower Cart Lady Farm with her husband, Gary. Together they run and operate the flower farm and design studio in Grant County, Indiana. In addition to growing her own flowers, Pam designs with them and provides arrangements for her front yard flower cart, special occasions, and events. She also has opened a 1/2 acre UPick flower field for others to pick their own bouquets.

Pam is a master Gardner and a member of the dahlia society. With a degree in education, Pam enjoys offering workshops in their 100-year-old barn, teaching others how to arrange bouquets, evergreen arrangements, and wreaths. Her motto is “Bringing joy one bouquet at a time,” knowing that she’s just a small part of what God is doing through each beautiful flower He grows.

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