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The Book


#BeWorthFollowing will provide you with a faith-filled, practical, understandable, and easy to read approach to using social media.

This book is not another “social media strategy” book. Instead, it’s a book that invites readers in all seasons of life to be women of integrity who make a difference online and in the lives of others. Women everywhere are online, regardless of how busy they are, and this book meets them right where they are while helping them be intentional and responsible with their social media presence. This is a book that can be applied to every part of life.

Do you struggle with Social Media Marketing?


Does social media make your head hurt?


Do you feel like you’re wasting time on social media?


Are you scrolling to find ideas?


Are you seeing the results you had hoped for?


Is it difficult to share your message on social media?


Do you feel “fake” when trying to promote your work?


Are your platforms attracting the “right” people?


Are you distracted by your number of likes and followers?


Do you wish you knew what to do?

If so, you are not alone. I feel your pain. Like you, social media frustrated me, overwhelmed me and if I’m honest, there have been times where I was ready to give up. I just wasn’t seeing the results that I had hoped for.

But yet, deep down, if you’re anything like me, you’re not ready to give up. You long to make an impact online. You are passionate about making a difference, but you just don’t know where to start. Truthfully, you’re worn out.

Maybe you find yourself asking these questions:


How can I differentiate myself online and in life?


How do I find my unique, one-of-kind voice?


How do I know and share my story online?


How can I build my presence on social media for a greater good?


How can I be present in life, instead of consumed with my likes, comments, etc.?

You want to make a difference. You want to grow your influence online. And somewhere in the middle of your busy, overwhelmed schedule, you want to know that your life counts for something. You long to have your own story, but you just don’t know where to start.

#BeWorthFollowing will provide you with a faith-filled, practical, understandable, and easy to read approach to using social media. Starting today, you too can make a difference online. Starting today, you too can impact the lives of your online community. In learning to serve and be different, you will become an influential online leader who is worth following.

No more frustration.
No more confusion.
No more feeling overwhelmed.
No more feeling ill-equipped.

Instead, you’ll be a confident, passionate, and equipped online leader who is worth following!

 Read the 4-day #BeWorthFollowing devotional on the Bible App

 Read the 4-day #BeWorthFollowing devotional on the Bible App

Rave Reviews

Find out what readers are saying about #BeWorthFollowing…

Dr. Jennifer Bennett clearly knows how to make the most of social media! I feel inspired and encouraged to engage people effectively without feeling overwhelmed by all the social media questions I have. Jennifer answered those questions and gave me great and practical how to’s.

Dr. Sharon Warden

If you’re confused by, frustrated, or fed up with Social Media, before your throw up your hands and quit… Read THIS Book!
Susie Albert Miller

I am purchasing copies of this book for my business partners so we can have discussions and hold each other accountable as we grow our businesses
Courtney Alcott

Before reading this book, I was ready to give up on social media. I was not seeing engagement and was at a loss of what to post. I had tried to follow the advice of so many others and it clearly wasn’t working. After reading this book, my engagement is up and it’s authentic. I am having conversations with my audience instead of me shouting at them.
Crystal Wagner

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