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Influence, Income, or Impact?

Friends, I’m excited to bring Susan Fleming back to the She Impacts Culture Podcast! Last week we chatted about Quiet Quitting, working from God’s rest, and why partnership over performance in the workplace is needed. But today, we are talking through a whole new set of topics, including:

💥 Why our brain is designed for safety and the impact that has on our work
💥 How our beliefs impact our work
💥 How we can know, create and follow the GPS vision of the work God is calling us to
💥 The importance and need of “heart over hustle in our careers”

Friends, you can serve confidently and courageously in the work that God has called you to in this season of life! God has a specific vision for the work you do! May this episode provide you with the insight to serve fully, with excellence, in your work!

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