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I’m so excited to introduce you to Kadi Cole, whose passion has always been to serve the community by working with leaders to increase their effectiveness in whatever role of influence they have been given. Today’s Topic? Knowing Your Leadership Style and Staying Impactful.

Kadi and I specifically chat through:

Women in Leadership: The importance of knowing your gifting and trusting the process. Also, how to stay impactful by exploring new opportunities and seeing the doors that God is opening.

The Power of Our Identity in Christ: How it can shape our perspective, purpose, and priorities. We learn why it’s essential to operate out of our identity in Christ and how it transforms our work, relationships, and overall well-being.

Setting and Maintaining Career Boundaries: We discuss practical tips for staying within the boundaries given to us and working hard at our responsibilities. By doing this, we can leave work knowing that we gave everything to the tasks at hand and trust that God will take care of the rest.

Pitching Ideas to a Team: Kadi shares practical tips for pitching ideas to a team, finding out what people are struggling with, and understanding if our idea solves a problem. Kadi also talks about the importance of coming to a meeting prepared and how good ideas get listened to when we do the pre-work.

Friends, this is a power-packed episode! By surrendering to God’s plan for your leadership, maximizing opportunities, and embracing your giftedness, you can become an effective leader who inspires and impacts others. Be open to new challenges and opportunities, even when you don’t know what you’re doing.

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Kadi Cole has spent the last twenty-five years serving in local church ministry as an Executive Director at one of America’s largest and fastest growing multi-site churches, a Director at Leadership Network, and a founding member of the Women’s Executive Pastor Network.

Kadi authored Sticky Note Leadership, her bestselling book, Developing Female Leaders, and her latest book, Find Your Leadership Voice in 90 Days. She speaks at leadership conferences around the world.

Kadi holds a master’s degree in Human Resource Development and is passionate about helping organizations and businesses thrive.
Kadi is helping move the needle forward on diversity, and equipping faith-based leaders to fulfill their calling through her business, organization and church consulting, LifePlans, and leadership coaching.

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