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Today’s guest is Lisa Shaw. Lisa has served multi-passionate women in several capacities as a leader, ordained pastor, teacher, coach, consultant, mentor, and speaker for over thirty years. With many years of leadership experience in both ministry and business and as an entrepreneur with a corporate background, Lisa is the owner of, a boutique coaching and consulting business where she has the privilege as a Certified Personal and Executive Coach to equip women and men to hone their leadership and soft skills, navigate through obstacles, gain clarity, and build cohesive powerful teams.

She has authored two books, “You are Beautiful in God’s Eyes”, and “NO FEAR: Fear Will Grip You or GROW YOU”.

Lisa is both an informative and inspiring speaker called on in both ministry and business industries to propel women forward. She is the former owner of a brick-and-mortar Christian retail store with her husband. She serves as the Altar and Intercessor Leader at her church, Calvary Orlando, and as the Online Teaching Resource Coordinator for PF Women.

In today’s episode, Lisa and I chat about fear. Maybe you can relate, I know I can.  We talk about why trying to overcome fear will leave you discouraged. We also chat through the fear of people-pleasing and rejection, our internal dialogue, and how it keeps us from impacting and influencing culture. Lastly, we chat through Joshua 1:3-4 and how God has already equipped you and given you the territory, so don’t let fear stop you.

If you find yourself struggling with fear, this is the episode for you. Lisa will help you see how you can let fear grow you instead of gripping you.

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