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Practical communication skills are lacking in our world today. One look at your social media feed and you will find that many people today, do not know how to communicate with confidence in difficult situations. But here’s the good news! The Bible is quite the “textbook” for learning how to and how not to communicate.

In this month’s communication tip, I share 4 specific takeaways from the book of Esther that will help you communicate with confidence in difficult situations. It is important to note that Queen Esther could not approach King Xerxes, uninvited. She could risk losing her life. Talk about a difficult situation! But yet, she moves forward with a plan in place, and it is here where we learn some vital communication lessons from Esther as she uses her voice to save her people.

In today’s episode, I specifically chat through:

💥 The importance of having a plan before communicating
💥 Positioning yourself for successful communication
💥 Knowing who you’re communicating with
💥 Choosing not to be reactive and instead, waiting for the right time to communicate

Friends, if you find yourself in a difficult situation, then this is the episode for you! Let’s make it our goal to be the best communicators that we can be!

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