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Have you ever made specific plans only to find God leading you in a completely different direction? Do you struggle with balancing your career aspirations and your faith? And what about the sacredness of your work—have you ever wondered if what you do truly matters to God? If so, don’t miss this episode which is all about Sacred Work.

In this thought-provoking episode, my guest, Peggy Bodde, and I delve into her story of navigating detours and discovering the profound meaning behind our work.

We specifically chat through:

  • Navigating career detours and unexpected paths
  • Overcoming challenges faced by Christian women in the workplace
  • Shifting perspectives on self-promotion and embracing one’s worth
  • Understanding the sacredness of work and God’s presence in the workplace
  • Embracing high holy callings and finding hope in difficult circumstances

Friends, even when our plans are disrupted, and detours arise, God is still orchestrating our journey. Take comfort in knowing that He has a purpose for each step you take, even if it veers from your original intentions. Balancing your career aspirations with your faith can be challenging, but trust that God is interested in every aspect of your life, including your work. Embrace the sacredness of your work, understanding that through it, you have the opportunity to reflect on God’s love and make a difference in the lives of those around you. May this episode inspire you to seek God’s guidance in your own professional journey and find fulfillment in the sacred work He has called you to do.

Connect with Peggy:

Peggy Bodde is an entrepreneur and the founder of Sacred Work, an organization that provides free career and leadership support for Christian women in the workplace. She spent 25 years in corporate leadership and then pivoted to start a freelance writing business. Her clients include marketing firms and textbook publishers. Peggy’s passions are writing about the intersection between faith and work and empowering women to show up boldly in both spaces.

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