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Today’s guest is Roshanda Pratt. Roshanda is the creator of the “Visibility is Power” message and “The Rosho Live”, a platform that helps entrepreneurs and organizations boost their marketing ROI through brand storytelling and live video.

A digital media pioneer with 20 years of experience producing TV news, Roshanda is a visibility expert in coaching clients to find their voice, engage their audience, and grow their business. She is also an international speaker and the author of the best selling book,  “CEO of Live Video: Discover the Fundamentals of Dominating Live Video” and her most recent book “Visibility is Power: Discover the Power of Being Seen and Heard

In today’s episode, Roshanda and I chat through her book and message, “Visibility is Power.” We specifically talk about surrendering our Plan B for God’s plan, what to do when God says no, the importance of having someone in your life that is impacting you, and lastly, why visibility starts as an inside job.

This is an episode that will motivate you to let your light shine in your work and leadership. If you find yourself being the best-kept secret, Roshanda will empower you to be visible for a Kingdom impact.

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