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In this episode of the She Impacts Culture podcast, Rachael Adams (Author, speaker, and host of The Love Offering Podcast) delves into the topic of redefining significance.

Rachael shares her personal journey and offers insight into the impact of society on our definition of success and significance, finding significance in the workplace, the role of God in our lives, and how our value comes from our identity, not our actions.

No matter the season you find yourself in, this episode reminds us that it’s not what we do that makes life significant, but rather, it’s about having God in it all. May this episode inspire you to live a life of significance, even in the most ordinary moments.

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Author of A Little Goes a Long Way and host of The Love Offering podcast Rachael Adams hopes to help women realize their God-given purpose and significance. She and her husband, Bryan, run a family business and farm in Kentucky with their two children, Will and Kate, and two dogs. Her work has been featured on Crosswalk, iBelieve, Today Parenting, and YouVersion. Connect with her by visiting, by searching @rachaeladamsauthor on social media, and by tuning in to The Love Offering podcast every Tuesday on your favorite listening platform.

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