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Friends, I’m excited to continue my conversation with Nancy Gavilanes on professional dreams, work, and faith! If you haven’t listened to part one yet, be sure to do so! I promise you’ll be empowered to see your work through a new lens. Today’s topic? Pray, Prepare, Pursue.

In today’s episode, Nancy and I chat about:

💥 How God wastes none of our professional experiences
💥 How to overcome fear, doubt, and worry so that you can live the adventure God has for you
💥 How to start dreaming with God again after you’ve been hurt and disappointed
💥 The four keys to living our God-given dreams
💥 Three tips if you find yourself making a career switch

Friends, I pray that this episode gives you the confidence to know that you don’t have to keep striving. You can be still and know that God will open the right doors and close the wrong doors professionally. You don’t have to focus on your circumstances, but instead, focus on the God who has called you and equipped you to do good work!

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