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Organizational Consulting

Are you ready to stop confusing your audience and start generating leads?

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover during your private organizational consultation:


Set the foundation for your social media plan.

We will look at answering questions like: Why do you exist? Where are you going? What does “success” look like for your organization? What is the “voice” behind your organization? What makes you different? Who are you trying to reach? What is your story?


Evaluate where you are.

What has worked and what has not worked? We will begin exploring ideas of changes that need to be made in order to move your organization forward.


Explore your vision.

Where are you going? What are the 3-5 priorities for your organization this year? Also, what is the main story that your organization will share on a regular basis throughout all of your communication?


Build a strong social media foundation.

In this final session we will look at all that we uncovered in sessions 1-3 and from there, build a social media foundation that will allow your organization to connect and impact the lives of others online and then ultimately, offline.

Are you ready? Apply for your FREE clarity session!

Are you ready? Apply for your FREE clarity session!


Find out why so many leaders choose Jen.

Dr. Jen Bennett is a solid choice! She is a pleasure to work with, adhering to guidelines and exceeding expectations. A great attitude that is flexible, a biblical foundation that stands on truth, and an ability to hold everyone’s attention with fun and current application can all be found in Dr. Bennett.

Tandy Hamond

Executive Director, South Lake Community Ministries

Jennifer served as the Keynote Speaker and Break Out Session Leader for our South Florida Christian School Conference. She was asked to help Christian educators understand how valuable they are. Given the positive responses received, she was very effective doing so. Thank you, Jennifer, for making a lasting impact on teachers who often feel taken for granted.

Daisie Overman

Early Childhood Consultant

Dr. Bennett’s workshop on social media emphasized the strategic use of social media for churches. She stressed that social media is not just for information, but it is for connecting with and engaging people. This approach opens up a plethora of possibilities for churches to more effectively reach people by interacting with them on social media. She shared creative ideas and substantiated the results of those ideas from her personal experiences. Her’s is a voice that needs to be heard.

Melvin Holder

Associate Profesor

In partnering with Jen, we were able to utilize her expertise and experience to offer a valuable resource to the community on a very relevant topic. If you are looking for an engaging speaker who will educate, equip, and inspire, then I recommend that you contact Jen. She will deliver!

Jeremy Couch, Ed.D.

Executive Director & Professor, Palm Beach Atlantic University

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