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In this episode of the She Impacts Culture podcast, I’m reflecting on the challenges and opportunities of balancing family, faith, and career – a daily juggling act for many of us in the marketplace. Today’s episode is all about Navigating Priorities!

I specifically chat through:

  • Identifying your top priorities, including family, faith, and career.
  • Being bold and saying no to commitments that don’t align with your priorities.
  • Communicating your boundaries at work to align with your faith.
  • Standing firm in your beliefs and priorities, even when facing uncertainty.

Friends, we often face choices and challenges that test our boundaries and priorities. It’s not always easy, and sometimes, the path forward isn’t clear. But remember, it’s okay to stand firm in your beliefs and prioritize what truly matters to you, even when you don’t have all the answers about how things will turn out. Why? Because we have a God who cares about the details of our lives and is by our side!

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Dr. Jen Bennett is a passionate educator with over two decades of experience. She currently holds the role of Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Endowed Faculty in Business Entrepreneurship at Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU), where she has the privilege and opportunity to build, teach, lead, and empower the next generation of leaders who can make a significant impact in the marketplace.

Beyond academia, Jen has been recognized as one of the “65 Women in Digital You Should Be Following” and selected as one of 55 social media influencers to attend #NASASocial for the Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch. She’s also authored the book, “#BeWorthFollowing,” and is the host of the She Impacts Culture Podcast.

Jen’s passion lies in building, teaching, leadership, and fostering success in others. She equips college students and women to positively impact their communities, providing them with the practical skills they need to thrive in the vocations they’ve been called to.

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