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Friends, if you are going through a difficult time, a difficult season, I pray this episode encourages you. Today, I’m sharing with you my fire story. My house caught on fire a month ago; it was so unexpected.

If I’m honest, there have been days when I have just wanted to run away to a new city, a new home, and start over. Maybe you can relate. It may feel easier to run away from the hard parts of life than to work through them. But today, I want to encourage you that God hasn’t called us to run but to stay and work through the muck, the hard parts. I want to encourage you to lean into God for help and to ask Him to keep your feet planted even when they feel like running away.

I also want to share this with you: Don’t let the enemy stop you from moving forward in the assignment God has laid on your life. The enemy will do anything to stop the Kingdom Impact work you’ve been called to do. I’m convinced this is what he was trying to do with my house fire, a freak thing. The enemy was looking to distract and discourage me. To shut me up. Well, guess what? That’s not happening. If anything, my faith is stronger, and I will continue to walk through the doors that God is leading me through. And God wants to do the same for you! Don’t let the enemy stop you from moving forward in the assignment God has laid on your life—even a house fire.

Friend, keep partnering with God. God is moving right now in the lives of so many. He provides clarity, confidence, and community where there is confusion, comparison, and chaos. Don’t let the scare tactics of the enemy stop you! Why? Because the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go!

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