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Friends, I’m so excited to welcome back to the She Impacts Culture podcast Michelle Myers, founder of She Works His Way! Today’s episode will challenge you and your thoughts/beliefs around balance and success. You see, there is no magical formula to follow when it comes to living a balanced and successful life. The life that you long for comes through putting God first. Why? Because God loves us too much to allow us to be satisfied in anything but Him. If life feels empty and discouraging, then this episode will challenge you to put God first.

In this episode, Michelle and I chat about:

💥 The spiritual obstacle of “being known”
💥 How to combat the “being known” thinking in our social media world
💥 The problem with messages like “Follow your dreams, your passions” and “Do what makes you happy”
💥 What it means to put God first

Friends, as you listen in, I want to encourage you to think through your life, and specifically, I want you to ask God to show you if your beliefs around balance, achievement, and success need some tweaking. Have you been putting these things above God? If so, I want you to ask Him to guide you as you seek to live a life that puts Him first. Friends, God is faithful, and as you put Him first, He will change your heart and views of what it means to have a balanced, successful life.

Michelle Myers is the founder of She Works His Way, a non-profit discipleship community for working women that exists to strengthen the churches (Acts 15:41) and stir one another up to love and good works (Hebrews 10:24). With the gospel as the foundation, Michelle helps put practical steps to the ultimate goal of living for the glory of God and the good of others. Most recently, she co-authored a book with her best friend, Somer Phoebus, called She Works His Way: A Practical Guide for Doing What Matters Most in a Get Things Done World. She and her husband, James, live in Asheville, NC, where James is the Central Discipleship Pastor at Biltmore Church, with their three children: Noah, Cole, and Shea.

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