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Maybe you can relate: In this season of life, you find yourself comfortable. Life is comfortable, and your career is comfortable. But…deep down inside, you feel like something is missing. And if you’re honest with yourself, you want to do work that makes a difference and is impactful. You want to do impactful work.

If you can relate, then this is the episode for you! Friends, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Private Investigator Lori Morrison. You see, Lori never set out to be a private investigator. Her life was comfortable. But deep down, she knew she wanted something different. She wanted her work to matter. She wanted to be a person of impact.

In today’s episode, Lori and I chat about:

💥 Moving from comfortable work to impactful work
💥 Uniting your faith with your work
💥 How to become a person of impact

Friends, God has impactful work for you to complete. He has created you with a specific skill set that allows you to live out your faith in your work and impact culture all around you! If you’re ready to become a Person of Impact, listen in!

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Remember, whatever you do, it matters. Wherever God places you, you can make a Kingdom impact!

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