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Do you find yourself anxious about the future or afraid of taking risks? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us struggle with fear and uncertainty in our careers and lives, but what if I told you that you could learn to embrace adventure instead? Friends, if you want to learn how to welcome adventure with open arms, then this episode is for you! It’s all about Embracing Adventure in Career & Life!

I’m excited to welcome back to the She Impacts Culture podcast Kimberly Wright, an accomplished businesswoman, and leader who seeks to inspire and empower professional women to succeed with confidence.

In this episode, Kimberly and I discuss various topics, including:

  • The importance of embracing the unknown
  • How our self-perception shapes our actions
  • Ways to discover our purpose and belonging in our careers and lives
  • Strategies to honor God in our current work while pursuing opportunities for growth and learning
  • The benefits of taking a Sabbath and how it can positively influence our career.

Friends, change can be challenging, but taking small steps toward growth and learning can lead to great opportunities. Kim and I are living proof of this! Don’t be afraid to trust in God and have faith in His plan for your life. With God’s guidance, we can navigate the unknown and embrace the adventure of life.

Connect with Kimberly:

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Kimberly Wright is an entrepreneur, speaker, and writer. She is the Director of Development at Unconventional Business Network, and the Co-Owner of two LLC’s. Kimberly is the author of two non-fiction books and numerous blogs and articles, and was named the 2009 National Young Mother of the Year by American Mothers, Inc. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma and has been speaking across the US at women’s business events and churches on Christian living, parenting, or business-related topics since 2005.

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