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Today’s Guest is Katie McCoy. Katie serves as Director of Women’s Ministry at Texas Baptists. She teaches and speaks on theology, women’s and gender issues, and cultural debates. When she’s not teaching, writing, or YouTubing, you can usually find her baking something fabulous…or maybe just making a mess in the kitchen. She is also a political news junkie, and considers The Container Store one of her happy places.

In today’s episode, Katie and I chat through three myths about women and theology, identity and self-worth, how faith-based women can start moving away from the “doing” and instead, move towards the “being,” shifting the focus on our lives from what I produce to who I am, and lastly, how to make meaningful contributions in the marketplace as faith-based women.

Friends, if you’ve been struggling with imposter syndrome, perfectionism, overwhelm, people-pleasing and/or comparison, then this is the episode for you. May today be the day that you let go and allow God to show you what He has for you and how He can use you! 

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