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If you find yourself struggling for significance, searching for your purpose, or needing a reminder of your worth in God’s eyes, then this episode of the She Impacts Culture podcast is for you! It’s all about the journey to significance.

Through sharing her story, Rachael Adams, author, speaker, and host of The Love Offering podcast, reminds us that God has a specific plan for each of our lives, regardless of our background, upbringing, or past limitations.

Rachael recounts her youthful dream to become a broadcast journalist, which she eventually gave up due to her fear of public speaking. Yet, many years later, she realized that God had uniquely fulfilled her dream, inspiring us to never give up on our own dreams and to trust God’s plan for us. Rachael also shares the importance of staying focused on our own path and not being sidetracked by life’s distractions.

No matter our situation, there is always a role for us to play in God’s Kingdom. Every action, no matter how small, holds significance and value in the eyes of God. Whether it’s sharing the Gospel, volunteering, leading a business, or even just smiling at someone, each act has an impact and is valuable in God’s sight.

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Author of A Little Goes a Long Way and host of The Love Offering podcast, Rachael Adams, hopes to help women realize their God-given purpose and significance. She and her husband, Bryan, run a family business and farm in Kentucky with their two children, Will and Kate, and two dogs. Her work has been featured on Crosswalk, iBelieve, Today Parenting, and YouVersion. Connect with her by visiting, by searching @rachaeladamsauthor on social media, and by tuning in to The Love Offering podcast every Tuesday on your favorite listening platform.

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