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“You are not a number.”

Friends, if there is one thing I want you to know about my chat with Jenny Randle, it is this: “You are not a number” In this episode, Jenny and I specifically chat about how staying focused on the numbers will keep us from experiencing what God has for us, both in our professional and personal lives. Jenny specifically states:

💥 You are not the number on the scale.
💥 You are not the number of social media followers or real-life friends you have.
💥 You are not how many books you’ve sold or how many dollars you have.
💥 You are not your zip code, age, or that grade on your test.
💥 You are not defined by the number of kids you have or don’t have.
💥 You are not defined by the number of times you struggle with sin or shame.

This episode is a reminder to all of us that God already sees us, we don’t have to crave being seen. We don’t have to let the numbers in our life, define us. Friends, if today you find yourself feeling unseen and unnoticed, then this is the episode for you. In a world that is so bent on numbers and being seen, may you know today that you are already seen by the One who created you.

Speaker, author, podcaster, and Emmy®-winning editor Jenny Randle has served in ministry and worked in the entertainment and creative industries for over twenty years. She encourages believers, creatives, and church leaders to navigate into a space of freedom within their personal life, leadership, and church culture. In early 2018, Jenny and her husband Matt formed Freedom Creatives, a ministry organization dedicated to developing resources that merge profound Gospel-centered truths with practical application. Whether Online or in person, Jenny has shared hope, healing, and Holy Spirit revelation championing hundreds of thousands of people into their calling. Jenny resides in Northern Florida with her husband and two kids.

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