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I’m so excited to welcome back to the podcast Kadi Cole, leadership author, speaker, and consultant. Friends, if you want to step into your leadership potential and positively impact the world around you, this episode is for you! Today’s topic? Overcoming Self-Doubt and Influencing Culture

Kadi and I specifically chat through:

Understanding Self-Doubt: Kadi shares the importance of recognizing and addressing self-doubt as well as the role of community and support in helping us overcome it. She also shares the impact of self-doubt and how it can hold us back from reaching our full potential.

Inner Sticky Floor Voice: Kadi highlights the challenges that female leaders face in listening to the wrong voices and how this can impact our ability to succeed. She specifically talks about our inner sticky floor voice, which is all about the ideas, conversations, and thoughts we have with ourselves that keep our feet stuck to the floor.

Impacting Culture: Kadi discusses the importance of impacting culture and how it starts with leading yourself well. She also emphasizes the role of stewardship and the importance of making intentional choices in how we impact the world around us.

Friends, if you want to impact and influence culture as a leader, listen in. As female leaders, we need to break through our self-imposed barriers and develop a healthy balance of assertiveness and humility to use our influence to impact the world around us positively.

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Kadi Cole has spent the last twenty-five years serving in local church ministry as an Executive Director at one of America’s largest and fastest-growing multi-site churches, a Director at Leadership Network, and a founding member of the Women’s Executive Pastor Network.

Kadi authored Sticky Note Leadership, her bestselling book, Developing Female Leaders, and her latest book, Find Your Leadership Voice in 90 Days. She speaks at leadership conferences around the world.

Kadi holds a master’s degree in Human Resource Development and is passionate about helping organizations and businesses thrive. Kadi is helping move the needle forward on diversity and equipping faith-based leaders to fulfill their calling through her business, organization, and church consulting, LifePlans, and leadership coaching.

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