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Today’s guest is Dr. Heather Holleman, an Associate Teaching Professor at Penn State who has won numerous teaching awards in the last 20 years. She designs the advanced writing curriculum for the Shreyer Honors College at Penn State and trains faculty on how to teach writing.

She has written eight books including the best seller “Seated with Christ: Living Freely in a Culture of Comparison” and an award-winning book on evangelism co-written with her husband Ashley Holleman called “Sent: Living a Life That Invites Others to Jesus”. Heather also serves with Faculty Commons alongside Ashley in the graduate student ministry of Cru. She has two daughters and three cats and she blogs daily at

In today’s episode, Heather and I chat through her new book “Sent: Living a Life That Invites Others to Jesus”.  We specifically talk about embracing our identity as a sent one, what living a sent life means and looks like in our vocations, the importance of interpersonal curiosity, what this looks like in our work and leadership, and lastly, why the best leaders are helpful.

This episode will remind you that God has strategically placed you in your specific job and position. It will also reignite you towards the realization that your work really matters.

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