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Maybe you can relate to one or all of the statements below:

  • I always feel like there is something more, but feeling the need to be still and wait.
  • I continually have this compulsion that there is much more God wants me to do.
  • I’m wondering if God has or wants more.
  • I feel like God is leading me on a journey somewhere, I’m just not sure right now.

For many of us, we have this stirring deep within us, a restlessness that seems to never go away. We feel like there is more or should be more to this life than what is out there waiting for us, but we just can’t quite pinpoint it. And if we’re honest with ourselves, we feel this deep “loss” within us. We start questioning whether or not we are in “God’s will.” Are we doing what we were created to do? Are we missing out on something that God has for us?  

You see, you do have a calling. You do have an assignment. And you do have a mission to fulfill. But … (there’s always a but), it may look different than what you had envisioned it to look like.

God isn’t trying to hide His will, His calling from you. But instead, He wants to work in the ordinary moments of your life; the moments that from the outside, don’t seem to matter much but in reality, they matter much more than you can imagine.

Where does God have you in this season of life right now? How does He want to use you in the “ordinary” moments of life?

God has you where you are right now, for a specific reason. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. And in God’s perfect timing, He will find you.

Think about it:

  • David: Found while tending to his duties as a shepherd boy.
  • Nehemiah: Found while serving the king.
  • Ruth: Found while being faithful to her mother-in-law.
  • Esther: Found while living her very ordinary life.
  • Joseph: Found while helping others in jail.
  • Simon, Peter, James, John: Found while working; casting and mending their nets.
  • Moses: Found while tending the flock of his father-in-law.

God found each of these individuals, as they were busy going about the ordinary moments of their lives. They were working hard and serving others.

And what’s interesting is that we don’t read about these individuals saying things like:

  • If only I had a different job, my life would be so much better.
  • If only my house was bigger, I would be happier.
  • If only I was married, my life would be complete.
  • If only I lived in that city, things would be perfect.

Instead, we find individuals who were faithful right where they were. They were faithful in the ordinary moments of life. They weren’t looking for more, but instead, were giving more.

God will find you in the ordinary moments of life.

God will find you, even when you can’t see the whole picture.

God will find you, even when you feel overwhelmed.

God will find you, even when you have more questions than answers.

“When God wants to find you, He knows your location. You do not have to leave your place to try to find a more noticeable one, in the hope that someone will discover your gifts and talents. You simply need to be in your place. God has the best cosmic GPS system, and when He wants you, He will find you.” ~Christine Caine

What if this longing that each of us has, isn’t about “finding more” but instead, “giving more?” What if this longing isn’t about:

  • Finding the perfect job
  • Finding a better job
  • Making more money
  • Living in a new city
  • Buying a new house
  • Going to a new church
  • Being in a relationship

But instead, it’s about:

  • Reaching out to your lonely neighbor
  • Making dinner for a family that is super busy
  • Giving of your time, gifts and talents to a local charity
  • Taking someone to lunch who never gets out of the house
  • Paying the bill of someone who is struggling
  • Speaking words of encouragement to someone who wonders if they matter
  • Being a friend to someone who is hurting

“You are where you are for such a time as this. Not to gain anything, but to risk everything.” ~ Ann Voskamp

Maybe, just maybe, “finding more” is all about “giving more;” risking your life for what really matters. And when we give more, we find the fulfillment of life that God has had for us all along; the fulfillment that the “things” of this world will never satisfy. A fulfillment that releases the questions that have been holding us back for so long, the questions that have kept us trapped.

What’s your role?

  • Embrace your place.
  • Live each day focused.
  • Live each day expecting.
  • Live each day using your gifts, skills and talents.
  • Live each day giving your BEST!
  • Live each day serving others.
  • Be faithful in all you do.

Today, choose to change your focus from what you don’t know to what you do know about God. Don’t be afraid to risk it all for God, right where you are.

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