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Friends welcome to another episode of the She Impacts Culture podcast! Today, I’m thrilled to introduce our guest, Andrea Cunard, the driving force behind Phenix Counseling. Andrea’s journey is a testament to resilience and faith, shaped by navigating through life’s wilderness moments. From the humble beginnings of her counseling practice to the personal trials she’s confronted, Andrea joins us to share her valuable insights on living authentically and purposefully. Today’s episode is all about Finding Purpose in the Wilderness.

We specifically chat through:

  • Embracing the Unknown: Finding Purpose in the Wilderness
  • The Power of Faith: Trusting God’s Process in Business and Life
  • Nurturing Connections: Cultivating Genuine Relationships and Seeking Guidance

Andrea shares her experiences and wisdom, offering valuable perspectives on cultivating authentic relationships and seeking guidance in both personal and professional spheres. Whether you’re navigating your own wilderness moments or seeking inspiration to propel you forward, this conversation promises practical advice and encouragement. So, as you journey onward, may you find courage in embracing life’s both-and, trusting in God’s process, and nurturing authentic relationships that guide and sustain you. Remember, you’re never alone, and every step forward brings you closer to the Purpose and fulfillment that await you.

Connect with Andrea:

My heart’s desire is to facilitate your mental and emotional freedom. I love creating the space and processes for you to discover your true self and to create healthy relationships from that place of authenticity. I enjoy helping you apply all of this to the workplace as well – whether identifying your calling or building a healthy culture for those you lead.

I’m known for creating accessible processes for healing and development within a warm, no-judgment relationship.  It started with earning my master’s degree in counseling back in 2003. My unplanned discovery of counseling when I lost my mother had inspired me to return to school as a young mom to pursue this profession. Life was full of blessings but also included a difficult marriage, a beautifully complex daughter with a chronic illness, confronting the details of my own adoption history which had never been discussed, facing the cultural ramifications of being a first generation adult in the US (coming from Jamaica), then losing my daughter and a few years later, my marriage. By the grace of God, I managed to complete a rigorous PhD in counselor education and supervision in the midst of it all. Education, training and life experience combined to create an expertise in human transformation. I’m now a ‘wilderness’ guide, walking others through trauma recovery, grief, loss, and building identity. I also find myself shepherding adoptees who want to process the dynamics unique to us, which were swept under the rug when we were kids.

Outside the counseling room, I invest in partnerships that merge faith and psychology. Coaching local leaders to build lay counseling ministries across the globe is how you will find me serving others. Today, I am blessed to be in a healthy marriage. We have a ‘spicy’ cat named Kameko. I get excited about planning and running holistic retreats.  When I’m not at my desk, you can often find me working on an art project, listening to music, reading, watching something funny, hiking or traveling.

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