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Friends, what a joy to welcome back to the #SheImpactsCulture podcast Entrepreneur Diana Gladney. This is a must-listen if you’ve ever wanted to live authentically and make a positive impact. Get ready to take notes, as this episode might challenge your perspective and ignite positive change within you. Today’s topic is all about Faith, Fear, and Influence.

In this episode, Diana and I specifically chat about:

  • The role of faith in personal branding
  • Overcoming the fear of being visible
  • How to embrace your imperfections
  • The power and benefits of journaling
  • How to distinguish between constructive criticism and unwarranted negativity

Friends, your voice is influential, and you have the power to inspire change in the lives of those around you. Embrace imperfections, let go of fear, and create with purpose and authenticity. Your work, leadership, and influence matters.

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Diana helps busy entrepreneurs simplify video creation so they can amplify their business and their brand using video. She takes the seemingly complicated topic of video marketing and tech tutorials and makes it so simple and easy that anybody can share their purpose, their message, and their business with those who need it the most.

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Remember, whatever you do, it matters. Wherever God places you, you can make a Kingdom impact!

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