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Today’s guest is Dr. Joy Dahl, a disciple-making disciple, helping believers embrace their calling as Christ’s ambassadors in the world and in the workplace. As a CPA and a Chief Financial Officer by trade, Joy has focused most of her career on start-up and high-growth companies in Washington DC, New York, and Texas.

Joy earned three degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary: Master of Christian Education, Master of Biblical Studies, and Doctor of Ministry. Her emphasis on the integration of faith and work led to her current role as Executive Director of Polished Network.

Joy blogs monthly on, and is the visionary behind the BOLDLY Conference––the first-of-it’s kind “faith and work for women” conference. Joy and her husband, Gordon, call Dallas home. Joy’s favorite things include God’s Word, international travel, dark chocolate, horses, flowers, beach getaways, running, big dogs, and adventure!

In today’s episode, Joy and I chat about: the difference between God’s economy and the world’s economy when it comes to work and success, the Theology of Work: what it is, and how it has the power to change the world, what it means to be a Jesus ambassador in our workplaces, the power behind asking, “God, where are you already at work?” and lastly, the Polished Network and the Boldly Conference, which you will want to attend!

Friends, if you’re ready to be an ambassador for Christ in your workplace, then this is the episode for you! God has sent you and you have been created in Christ Jesus to do good work!

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