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Friends, get ready for a dynamic session with Entrepreneur Diana Gladney, who turned her life around after battling a chronic illness that almost took her life. Diana’s story is a testament to the power of trusting God and stepping into the unknown. Today’s episode is all about From Chronic Illness to Purpose. 

In this episode, we specifically chat about:

  • The life-changing experience that left her questioning her work and the meaning of life
  • The challenges of trusting God with only $96 in the bank and no backup plan
  • What it means to be multi-passionate
  • How embracing discomfort and God’s leading can lead to finding your purpose
  • The importance of quiet reflection to identify self-limiting beliefs and fears

Friends, Diana’s journey is a powerful reminder that sometimes life’s challenges can lead us to the work we were created to do. Through her unwavering faith and trust in God, she discovered her passion for video production and transformed her life for the better. You are not alone if you’ve ever struggled to trust God’s plan or felt lost in your vocational calling. This episode will inspire you to take a leap of faith and embrace the journey that God has for you.

Connect with Diana:

Diana helps busy entrepreneurs simplify video creation so they can amplify their business and their brand using video. She takes the seemingly complicated topic of video marketing and tech tutorials and makes it so simple and easy that anybody can share their purpose, their message, and their business with those who need it the most.

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