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“Do you have a clear and confident online voice?” 

If you don’t know your voice, you’re most likely communicating a message you never intended to convey. This is not only important for brands, but for you too! Every time you communicate, whether through a social media post, email, website page, direct message, etc., you display a specific personality, a specific voice, and your audience is building a particular impression based on that voice. This is why it’s vitally important that there is clarity around your voice.

In today’s episode, I share some specific steps and questions to think through as it relates to having a clear and confident online voice:

💥 Who are you talking to?
💥 What do you believe and value?
💥 How are you different?
💥 What are your adjectives?

I promise you that once you get clear on your voice, you’ll find that your online communication is connecting with those specific people you have been called to influence, lead, and impact! And the added bonus is that you can confidently walk away from the computer screen knowing that what you communicated, is what you wanted to convey. It all begins with a clear voice!

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