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If you’re an introverted professional struggling to network, on the brink of a career shift, or seeking to integrate your faith with your work, don’t miss out on this empowering episode on the #SheImpactsCulture podcast with our returning guest, Peggy Bodde. Today’s topic is all about Building a Meaningful Career.

Peggy, a seasoned leader in the corporate world and founder of Sacred Work, shares her inspiring journey navigating the secular corporate landscape while standing firm in her Christian beliefs.

We specifically chat through:

  • making faith an integral part of your professional life
  • the role of prayer and planning in career transitions
  • how to successfully navigate the introvert’s nightmare: networking
  • the importance of maintaining spiritual rhythms

Friends, your journey matters. You have the power to make a profound impact in your professional sphere while staying true to your values and beliefs. So today, choose to see your professional journey in a new light. You have been called to shape and influence the world around you. Your unique ability to impact culture awaits, so seize it with determination and unwavering resolve.

Connect with Peggy:

Peggy Bodde is an entrepreneur and the founder of Sacred Work, an organization that provides free career and leadership support for Christian women in the workplace. She spent 25 years in corporate leadership and then pivoted to start a freelance writing business. Her clients include marketing firms and textbook publishers. Peggy’s passions are writing about the intersection between faith and work and empowering women to show up boldly in both spaces.

Did you miss last week’s episode with Peggy? If so, you can find it HERE.

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