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In this special 100th episode, I reflect on the journey that brought us here and discuss the exciting changes ahead. From uncertainty to achievement, embracing change, and staying faithful, we stand at the threshold of a new chapter. With gratitude for YOU, my listeners, and a commitment to continue inspiring change-makers, I look ahead to the exciting evolution of the podcast in 2024. Join me as I navigate the path beyond 100 episodes and dive into what the future holds for the She Impacts Culture podcast, making an impact and building God’s Kingdom, one episode at a time. Beyond 100: Embracing Change and Growth.

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Dr. Jen Bennett is a driven visionary communicator who has a unique way of connecting with her audience. She enjoys teaching, leading, and building and is committed to helping others be successful. As the Hodson Endowed Faculty of Entrepreneurship at Indiana Wesleyan University, Jen equips college students to “seek the welfare of the city” through their entrepreneurial ventures and to lead with influence to impact culture for Christ.

Jen has consulted various entrepreneurs, small business owners, ministries, organizations, and college students in social media, personal branding, marketing, and public relations. She is the author of the book #BeWorthFollowing: How to be Different and Influence People in a Crowded Social World and host of the She Impacts Culture podcast, a podcast for trailblazing, faith-based women who want to lead with influence and impact culture for Christ.

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