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Friends, I’m thrilled to welcome back Alicia Michelle to the She Impacts Culture podcast! Today’s topic? Achievement & Imposter Syndrome! If you missed out on our first chat, be sure to listen in HERE. We talked all about anxiety and how we, as Christian women, can successfully live in a world that can cause us to cave into our worries and anxieties.

In today’s episode, Alicia and I are tackling the topics of achievement, imposter syndrome, and how to navigate a negative work culture.

We specifically chat through:

💥 Why are we so “programmed” to believe that we are only worthy if we achieve?
💥 Warning signs that let us know that the “idol” of achievement has taken over
💥 How to confidently step into the work that God has called us to, even when we doubt ourselves and our abilities
💥 How to keep a positive mindset when everyone around you at the office is negative

Friends, if you are an achiever who wants to be successful and live a life that makes a difference, then this is the episode for you! Knowing where you will “dwell” when it comes to achievement, imposter syndrome, and a negative work culture can help you set the boundaries you want to plant in order to impact and influence culture.

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Alicia Michelle is a speaker, author, certified NeuroCoach, and host of the award-winning Christian Mindset Coach Podcast. Through her coaching, courses, and Bible studies, she loves equipping Christian women with practical brain-and-biblically-based tools to break free from the stress and exhaustion of perfectionism, people pleasing, and performance that come from feeling never enough. Cultivate godly confidence, learn how to manage emotions, and find lasting peace when you download one of Alicia’s free brain-science and biblically based mindset trainings at

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