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Do you know what the #1 most common mental health issue is today? It’s anxiety. And we live in a world that, quite honestly, can cause us to cave into our worries and anxieties. Sometimes, life is hard and worrisome. And sometimes, it’s hard navigating anxiety.

Friends, I’m grateful for the opportunity to chat through this topic with Alicia Michelle, a certified NeuroCoach and trained Christian Life Coach known as “The Mindset Makeover Coach for Women.” As Christian professional women, this is a topic that needs to be talked about.

In today’s episode, Alicia and I chat through:

💥 What is anxiety, and what does it look like and feel like?
💥 How to connect with the Bible when we are anxious
💥 What to do when worry and anxiety get to be too much

Friends, if worry and anxiety seem to be the norm, listen in. This episode will encourage you and equip you to navigate those anxious moments. And…this episode will remind you that you are not a disappointment to God. He sees you and wants to meet you in the anxiety.

Connect with Alicia:
Calm Your Anxiety Toolkit:

Alicia Michelle is a speaker, author, certified NeuroCoach, and host of the award-winning Christian Mindset Coach Podcast. Through her coaching, courses, and Bible studies, she loves equipping Christian women with practical brain-and-biblically-based tools to break free from the stress and exhaustion of perfectionism, people pleasing, and performance that come from feeling never enough. Cultivate godly confidence, learn how to manage emotions, and find lasting peace when you download one of Alicia’s free brain-science and biblically based mindset trainings at

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