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Friends, if you are a dreamer and a doer, and if you enjoy achievement and accomplishments (like me), you will love this episode!

I’m excited to introduce you to Nancy Gavilanes, a sought-after speaker, prolific writer, passionate evangelist, and life coach with a heart for encouraging people as they walk by faith and live their God-given dreams.

In today’s episode, Nancy shares her personal story of professional dreams and success and her journey’s lifelong lessons.

Nancy and I specifically chat through:

💥 The top 3 warning signs for when achievement and accomplishments have become our idol
💥 How to not allow the desire for more to become our idol
💥 Setting healthy boundaries between moving forward in our work and being content with where God has us
💥 How to surrender our professional dreams to God

Friends, we live in a very achievement, driven world. If we’re not careful, we will find our identity is tied to what we achieve and accomplish. This episode will encourage you to place your professional dreams in the hands of Jesus and to trust the journey that He has you on.

Connect with Nancy:
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