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Dr. Bennett’s workshop on social media emphasized the strategic use of social media for churches.  My concept had been that social media for churches was just a high tech bulletin board for announcements.  Dr. Bennett stressed that social media is not just for information, but it is for connecting with and engaging people.  This approach opens up a plethora of possibilities for churches to more effectively reach people by interacting with them on social media.  She shared creative ideas and substantiated the results of those ideas from her personal experiences.  Her’s is a voice that needs to be heard.

Melvin Holder

Prepared. Professional. Passionate. Informative. Humbled. Those are just a few of the words I use to describe Dr. Jennifer Bennett. Informed, equipped and at ease is how I would describe the experience you will have after engaging one of her trainings.  I was thoroughly impressed by the three workshops I attended at Palm Beach University in Florida that Jennifer conducted.

Social Media Strategy
How To Make Visually Stunning Graphics For Social Media
Boost Your Business With Facebook

Jennifer’s knowledge combined with the detailed content, and her desire to make certain that we received the tools needed to be successful with our ministries and businesses on social media was phenomenal.

As a Leader in ministry and an owner of LisaShawCares, LLC, I highly recommend Jennifer to any church, ministry, business or organization for their social media needs. Her message is very clear: #BeWorthFollowing and I love that she not only teaches that message with commendable focus and detail, but she also lives it in a manner that honors God.

Lisa Shaw

Lisa Shaw

When I first met Dr Jennifer Bennett, I was searching for the “What’s next” in my life. Dr Jen helped guide and teach me the skills needed to make a major career change. I will always be forever grateful that God blessed me with crossing paths with this remarkable woman and mentor. Dr Jen not only shares her skills and expertise in social media—she encourages and inspires me to reach beyond what I dare dream. Whenever I have a question regarding social media and/or my business, I seek Jen’s guidance and wisdom first. Dr Jen continually demonstrates servant leadership by living a life that is #BeWorthFollowing. Dr Jen has made a significant impact in my life by helping equip me in building a business that I not only love, but is allowing me to live in my priorities. #ForeverGrateful

Kim Reisch Vander Poel

“This class has been the best investment in my business this year. It will pay for itself tenfold in the coming months! Jennifer Bennett is a wonderful teacher who totally gets her students and her passion for social media use is clearly woven into each session.”

Kim Hawkins

“Jennifer Bennett is an awesome teacher. I took the class because I have found social media so daunting. So, you may have different reasons for taking a class like this. Yet, know that, there is so much material that you will receive, great support from the community that is formed in the class, feedback on what you are “trying out” and the encouragement that you don’t have to understand everything all at once.”

Sheeba Daniel Varghese

“I just wanted to tell you thank you again for the ad classes! We went from 224 likes on one of our business pages to 513 in 4 days.”

Dawn Kelly

“I would not have made a lot of the changes I am making now without this class that is worth so much more than we could ever pay for it or thank you for it!!! You, Jennifer Bennett are teaching us how to ROCK IT!!! BEST CLASS EVER for so many reasons – it’s far more than ‘just another class!”

Tracy Barse

“I just want you to know that over the past weekend, I realized how much you have taught me over the last few years. That’s all been by watching you online, and I am truly inspired and ‘want to be you when I grow up’! Thank you for all your dedication and hard work with investing in people through social media! I am so thankful that we found each other!”

Cora Dugan

“Your class is great!!!  I appreciate the detail that you go into. Now I have so much at my fingertips that I can’t believe it. I am SO EXCITED TO SEE WHERE THIS GOES.”

Mary Lu Saylor