5 Small Things You Can Start Doing NOW To Live Life Successfully

5 Small Things You Can Start Doing NOW To Live Life Successfully

Deep down inside all of us, is this yearning to live life successfully, to make our lives count. We want to not only make a difference, but we also want to live lives that are fruitful and filled with purpose.

But somewhere along the way, life gets hectic. And when life gets hectic, we tend to focus on just getting through the day, rather than taking stock of what changes need to be made in order to live life successfully, right now.

Today I want to encourage you to see the 5 small things that you can start doing now so that you can be successful in life.
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God will find you…

Maybe you can relate to one or all of the statements below:

  • I always feel like there is something more, but feeling the need to be still and wait.
  • I continually have this compulsion that there is much more God wants me to do.
  • I’m wondering if God has or wants more.
  • I feel like God is leading me on a journey somewhere, I’m just not sure right now.

For many of us, we have this stirring deep within us, a restlessness that seems to never go away. We feel like there is more or should be more to this life than what is out there waiting for us, but we just can’t quite pinpoint it. And if we’re honest with ourselves, we feel this deep “loss” within us. We start questioning whether or not we are in “God’s will.” Are we doing what we were created to do? Are we missing out on something that God has for us?   Continue reading