As a communications specialist, my heart and my passion are centered on inspiring, equipping and helping others be who God has created them to be. I'm passionate about sharing all that God is teaching me because the reality is; I’m a work in progress too. Whether I’m speaking on the topic of social media/communications to a room filled with leaders in the marketplace or ministry, or a church filled with women longing for the hope that can come from Christ alone, I LOVE bringing the Word of God to life. My hope is to help others, #BeDifferent and #BeWorthFollowing, online and offline. 


When you invite me to speak, your speaking package includes:

  • A 20-minute phone consultation with me to gain a better understanding of how I can serve you and your audience.
  • Promotion about your event on my personal social media platforms.
  • A well-thought-out and prayed-over presentation to achieve the goals for your event.


#BeWorthFollowing: How to Be Different and Influence People In a Crowded Social World

Have you ever found yourself longing for more in life? Longing to make a difference in the world?

If so, you are not alone. Just spend a few minutes on any of the major social media platforms and you’ll find that many in business and ministry are on a journey to find how they can build their influence, both online and offline, in order to positively impact the world around them. They want their life to count for something.

During this session, Communication Specialist Dr. Jen Bennett, shows you how to build a digital footprint that will ultimately help you build your real-world influence. Jennifer will help YOU cut through crowds on social media and in life so that you too can #BeWorthFollowing and create a lasting influence and legacy that changes lives both online and offline.

Grounded: Staying True to Yourself in a Noisy Social World

Comparison. Envy. Discontentment. Words we don’t like, yet words that can so easily trap us. We spend ten minutes scrolling through our social media platforms and before we know it, we are no longer happy with the house we have, the car we drive, the man we married, the kids we’re raising or the job we work. We see everyone else’s life before us and suddenly, we want what they have. Compared to their lives, ours just doesn’t match up. How do we live our own best lives in the midst of this noise?

What You Do Matters: The High Calling of a Christian Woman

Woman today are longing for self-worth. And while many of us acknowledge that our identity is found in Christ alone, we tend to feel like something is still missing. Maybe, just maybe, women today need to know that they not only have value because of Who they belong to, but also, because of what they do every single day. Whether they find themselves changing diapers or leading company changes on a daily basis, they have value. When they do their best work for today, the season of life that they are living in right now, they are giving to the world in more ways than they know.

#LifeIsBoring: How To Live Fully When You’re Longing For More

Many women long to live lives of adventure. We want new and exciting experiences. But instead, we find ourselves in a slump. We find our days filled with the same old stuff, the same old routine. What happened to the dreams we had? What happened to the adventure we were looking for? What happened to living life to the fullest?

#BeDifferent: Creating and Building an Unforgettable Personal Brand

What is a personal brand and why do I need one? Regardless of your age, vocation, ministry and/or calling, your personal brand matters and it can either open doors for you or close them shut forever. In a crowded and noisy social media world, your message, your story matters. It’s what will separate you from everyone else and it requires that you #BeDifferent.

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