Helping Churches, Ministries and Leaders, #BeWorthFollowing online. Making sense of and focusing on the online space is a key aspect of making your ministry impactful both online and offline.

Jen offers strategic, in-depth consultation services to help your church be effective in the online environment that will ultimately help you #BeWorthFollowing. 

The #BeWorthFollowing Consultation Package Includes a 4-Step Process:

Session #1: Mission-What do we do and what makes us different?

Session one will help you set the foundation for your communication plan at your church. We will look at answering questions like:

⇒Why do we exist?

⇒Where are we going?

⇒What does “success” look like to us as a church?

⇒What is the “voice” behind our church?

⇒What makes us different?

⇒Who are we trying to reach?

⇒What is our story?

⇒Short-term goals? Long-term goals?

Session #2: Evaluate Where We Are

Session #2 will give you the opportunity to evaluate where your church is based on the perspective and outcomes from sessions #1. During this session, you will work with Jen to look specifically at what has and has not worked with regards to communication at your church. This process will allow you to begin exploring ideas of changes that need to be made in order to move your church forward.

Session #3: Vision-Where are we going?

In session #3, we will explore your church’s vision and based on that vision, find the 3-5 priorities for your ministry this year. We will also explore the main story/theme that your church will have and share on a regular basis this year throughout all of your communication.

Session #4: Building a Strong Social Media Foundation

In this final session, we will look at the foundation we laid in sessions 1-3 and from there, build a social media foundation that will allow your church, your ministry to impact the lives of others online and then ultimately, offline.

Jen would love the opportunity to work with you and your church. To learn more about her consulting services, feel free to fill out the form below and she will contact you soon.  

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