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Did you know:

“On average, users watch a live video more than three times longer when it is live. Facebook also says users comment over 10-times more frequently on Facebook Live videos than other videos.” ~ Facebook

Can you believe that? Users not only watch a live video more than 3x longer when it’s live, but they also comment over 10x more frequently! WOW!

If you’re looking for increased engagement on Facebook, then Facebook Live is the route you need to go. And honestly, live video will continue to get even more popular with each new day.

Today, I want to share with you my top 10 tips and best practices when it comes to being successful on Facebook Live, because truthfully you can be successful and I can’t wait to see your live videos:

Announce your live video beforehand: This is key! If you can let your Facebook community know that you are going live on a certain date and time, many will take the time to set an alarm, write it down in their planner, etc. Why? Because they want to join you live. They want to engage.

Advertise your live video beforehand: We already know that the organic reach on posts has dropped dramatically on Facebook. If you want your community to know about your upcoming live video, be sure to advertise it to your community. But here’s the catch – whatever graphic you use to advertise your Facebook Live (if you’re using a graphic), be sure that it contains less than 20% copy on the graphic. If it has more than 20%, there’s a good chance Facebook will not approve the ad or if they do, they will not show it to as many people as possible. With that said though, you might want to try advertising your upcoming live video with another live video and see how that does and then advertise that video.

Go live at least once a week: The key here is not to go live for the sake of going live, but rather, going live because you have something of value to offer you audience. Remember, there’s a LOT of noise of Facebook and your goal with Facebook Live is to provide something that will help you stand out and ultimately, build a following of people that look forward to your weekly Facebook Live show. If you can go live more than once a week, then do it.

Experiment: Try going live at different times and see what kind of results you get. And once you know what time works best for you and your audience, be consistent with that day and time. Why? Because this helps your audience know on a when they can join you live and it helps create a consistent, engaged audience for you on a weekly basis.

Click Follow: Ask people to click on the “follow” button when they are watching you live. This will help them get future live notifications from you. And the best part is that it helps build your live audience.

Be Different: Shake things up a bit. Go live from different locations. Change up the scenery. Also, change up your format. If you’re used to going live for 10-minutes, try 5-minutes. If it’s usually just you going live, try interviewing someone next time. Also, offer a LIVE Q & A session. Have people submit questions ahead of time (from an opt-in form on your website because you want to grow your list) that you will then answer during the live broadcast.

Be careful of your start and end times: Far too often I’ve seen live broadcasts that start mid-sentence and end mid-sentence. The best thing you can do is give yourself a few extra seconds before you start speaking at the beginning of your live broadcast and then give yourself a few seconds before you click off of Facebook Live at the end of your broadcast.

Advertise your live video afterwards: Not only should you advertise your live video beforehand, but you should also advertise your live video afterwards. Again, you want to reach as many people as possible with your message and the value that you are offering. And one of the key benefits to this is that you will see an increase in page likes which will help grow your audience for future live videos.

Invest in the right equipment: Maybe right now you don’t have a budget to purchase equipment for your live videos. That’s ok. Use what you have. If you’ve only got your phone, then here are a few tips to consider:

  • Pick a spot where there is great lighting or if you have to, go outside.
  • Choose a spot where you will have a strong Wifi connection.
  • Make sure that there are no background noises that will distract.
  • Think about investing in a tripod. You can find these anywhere and they are very well priced. Investing in a tripod will help keep your live broadcast from being too shaky.

Now, if you have a budget to invest in some equipment, here are a couple of “tools” that I’m currently looking into:

  • Mari Smith Live Video Kit: What I LOVE about this is that it practically contains everything you need. My TWO favorite additions to the kit are the Diva Led Light which is PERFECT for those times when you need to broadcast live from somewhere but the lighting isn’t great. Also, this kit includes a Mic Lav which will help your viewers hear you clearly.
  • Tv: This is another resource that I’m looking into and the BEST news is that right now while it’s in beta testing, it’s FREE! What I LOVE about this is that you can display questions that people are asking you that you then will answer. You can host a live interview with a remote guest and you can use graphics and text throughout your broadcast.

Create a Facebook Live Strategy: Lastly, the number one thing that I recommend is that you create a Facebook Live Strategy. Why is this so important? Because it will help you not only experience success with your Facebook Live broadcasts, but it will allow you to know ahead of time exactly what your broadcasts will consist of, who you are trying to reach and the goals you have for those broadcasts. Prior to going live, try to take some time to plan out your live broadcasts at least a month in advance. I promise, this will make a HUGE difference for you.

As much as we might not like the idea of going live, it’s one of the things that ministry leaders are going to have to get used to. Facebook has already predicted that within 5-years, Facebook will mostly be video.

So, share with me below, what do you think about Facebook Live? Are you excited by it or does it tend to scare you? Feel free to share and if you have any questions, ask away. I’d love to help you!

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