7 Question EVERY Church Needs to Ask Before Getting Active on Social Media

One of my FAVORITE things to do in the world of social media is helping churches see how they can use social media to truly make a difference!

Today, I want to share with you my Top 7 Questions that EVERY church needs to ask before they take the plunge into the world of social media!

Why? Knowing the answers to these questions will help guide you as you seek to not only build a thriving, engaged community that is excited about your church, but also, creating an online community that is making a difference in the lives of many!

  • What makes our church different from all the other churches in our community? Really take some time to think this through. Why would someone want to attend your church over another church?
  • Who are we trying to reach? Unfortunately, far too many churches say “everyone.” I get that. But every church has a specific “target audience” that they want to reach. Who is that audience for you and your church? Knowing the answer to this will allow you to create copy and graphics that will reach the hearts and souls of that audience online!
  • What “story” do we want people to associate with our church? Write down 5 adjectives that you feel is a part of the unique story of your church. And then, write down 5 adjectives that you do not want your church associated with.
  • Do your images coincide with the story you are trying to share? Are the images that you are using on your website and social media consistent with the story you are trying to share? What story are your images telling?
  • Are you platforms more than just another bulletin board? Are you sharing stories? Your social media profiles cannot be an extended bulletin board. What stories will you share? How will these stories influence and engage the target audience that you are trying to reach?
  • How will your staff and key leaders of the church utilize social media? How will they help promote your church? Spend some time talking this through with your staff. I think it’s VERY important that all staff work together to help share about the church, events, stories, etc. How will they help with social media? How will they help spread the word about your church? How will they engage with the online world?
  • Who will be leading the efforts on Social Media? Volunteer or paid position? Lastly, this is a VERY important question to ask before you get active on social media. Social media requires that you have a daily, active presence. This is not where you just post pictures for the sake of posting pictures and let it be. You need someone who will lead this area. Is there money in the budget for this position? Will this be a volunteer position? Be sure to think this through thoroughly before you get active!

I can promise you, knowing the answers to these questions will not only help you get started on social media the right way, but will also help you stay on social media for the long haul!

Share with me below; is your church active on social media?

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